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5 Reasons Customers Love H-I-S

We've had a lot of amazing feedback from our customers over the years, and we thought we'd share with you guys 5 of the top reasons why real customers who have been loyal to us for the past 5+ years say they LOVE H-I-S!


How to Tell if Your Paint is Compatible

Paint compatibility entails your paints ability to actually adhere to older coats of alkyd or oil-based paint. When you're trying to use a water-based latex paint to paint over more than three or four coats of old alkyd or oil-based paint, the adhesion can prove to be minimal, which causes flaking and "lift off." Rob Hooft, a structural chemist with a Ph.D. in molecular modeling and X-ray diffraction sums it up best. 

The Exterior Acrylic Finish of the Future

There comes a time in every home owner’s life when you need to update your exterior. Finding the right paint finish is very important and can help to completely determine what the end product looks like. What we’ve noticed from industry standard exterior acrylic finishes is that they’re difficult to apply, they smell bad, and they’re not made to be low VOC and easily cleaned up. That’s because the big paint companies don’t mind if their consumers have to buy a few extra gallons and start over on the project because their paints aren’t user-friendly. The other thing that we noticed was that the durability from a lot of the big box guys wasn’t the greatest. You might get a few years out of the product before it began to fade or peel away altogether.