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“Made in Oklahoma” since 1972!

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Baby, it’s getting cold outside, the winds are blowing, the temperatures are dropping and all I keep thinking about is if my beautiful outdoor projects I spent so much money and time on this summer! Are you wondering the same thing? Not to worry, HIS Paint now carries the product for YOU!

5 Reasons Customers Love H-I-S

We've had a lot of amazing feedback from our customers over the years, and we thought we'd share with you guys 5 of the top reasons why real customers who have been loyal to us for the past 5+ years say they LOVE H-I-S!


Fixing Poor Scrub and Stain Resistance

Poor scrub resistance, poor stain resistance. You know you've got an issue, but you're not exactly sure what's causing it and more importantly, how to fix it. Scrub resistance is the tendency of paint to mimic something around it as you paint. It leaves a small impression in the paint that ruins the job you're trying to do. Stain resistance means that your paint is more prone to absorbing dirt and grime, which can cause the paint to become seemingly permanently dirty and grimy. The main cause of both of these issues is the use of a low-quality paint that is porous in nature. This can also happen when you're using paint without a primer or not waiting long enough between coats. At this point, you may be about ready to give up, having exhausted every option that you can think of. 

Luckily, H-I-S has been experts in the paint industry for a very, very long time and we can help you fix this mess that you're in so that the project turns out perfect.

Commercial Contractor’s Best Friend in 2017

For the commercial paint contractor, the old adage is true, “Time is Money.” Imagine going into a paint supply store, spending an hour waiting for the employee in charge of the front desk to find their manager and ask where the supplies you desperately need to finish out the job are. Imagine at the end of that hour the anxiety that comes when they don’t have everything that you need or they’ve managed to mess up your order. When time is your money when what you make in an hour is entirely dependent on how well and how quickly you can finish a job, time matters.