5 Reasons Customers Love H-I-S

We've had a lot of amazing feedback from our customers over the years, and we thought we'd share with you guys 5 of the top reasons why real customers who have been loyal to us for the past 5+ years say they LOVE H-I-S!



1: Our Customer Service

at H-I-S is phenomenal. We don't hire receptionists, we don't hire cold callers. We hire experts and it shows. Every employee from the janitorial staff to the CEO is well-versed in everything paint and we go through strenuous processes to make sure that everyone is knowledgeable and able to help a customer at the tip of a hat.


2: HIGH-Quality Products

from our in-house engineered paints, coatings, and lacquers lead to the best finish at the end of the job. All of our products are guaranteed by our industry-leading standards.


3: Expert finishes at beginner skill levels

mean that getting that A+ finish that we all want isn't a compromise. Anyone can use at H-I-S product and get phenomenal results because our products were built to deliver for everyone of all skill levels.


4: A wide assortment of products

guarantees that we have exactly what you're looking for. We've even partnered with third-party vendors so that we could offer supplementary products to our paint, coatings, and finishes. 


5: In and Out Service

at H-I-S means something different than it does at a lot of other stores. We pride ourselves on getting you in and out of our stores with the exact products that you need as quickly as you need to go. We know time is money is a literal interpretation when it comes to painting and we've built our business around helping people finish jobs quicker. 







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