Commercial Contractor’s Best Friend in 2017

For the commercial paint contractor, the old adage is true, “Time is Money.” Imagine going into a paint supply store, spending an hour waiting for the employee in charge of the front desk to find their manager and ask where the supplies you desperately need to finish out the job are. Imagine at the end of that hour the anxiety that comes when they don’t have everything that you need or they’ve managed to mess up your order. When time is your money when what you make in an hour is entirely dependent on how well and how quickly you can finish a job, time matters.

We understand this at H-I-S and have built ourselves to be the one-stop-shop that’s expertly staffed from the front desk to the upper levels of management. Every team member at H-I-S is an expert in their craft and fully capable of turning that hour, two hours, or three-hour long session at another supply store into a quick in and out transaction.

Our products are formulated for the needs of the professional painter in both new constructions and repaint/remodel applications. We offer premium interior and exterior 100% pure acrylic paint. Our Ultimate exterior paint features exceptional performance and low-temp (down to 35°) application. Our Signature interior paint, ePaint, features low VOC, low odor, and antimicrobial protection.

At H-I-S Paint we pride ourselves in value-added services geared specifically for professional paint contractors.

  • We sell, service and rent professional grade airless spray application equipment and power washers from GRACO and Titan. Our repair technicians are factory trained.
  • We offer computer-aided custom color matching in each of our three OKC locations.
  • As a manufacturer, we are able to produce large batches of custom colors for sizeable jobs to ensure color consistency and quality control.
  • Our in-house research and development team is available for tech-support and formulation of custom products.
  • We offer the latest technology in computer-based applications. Our Color Visualizer allows you to preview any of our 1,320 colors in a room right on your computer. Plus, our interactive product selector guides you to the correct product based upon the substrate you’re painting. It also features an interactive product data and SDS catalog for all of our H-I-S Paint products.
  • Our unique “Dot-Card” system records a sample of every bucket of paint that we tint at our stores. This helps ensure bucket-to-bucket and order-to-order consistency for each customer.


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