is our Super Compliant Industrial Line. This series contains a complete offering of coatings designed for use on waste handling equipment, trailer components, structural steel, utility & power equipment, heavy machinery, propane tanks, automotive parts and by manufacturers using our pharmaceutical approach to innovative coating solutions.

The Life-Kote system was developed as a result of tighter environmental VOC & HAPS regulations. Each coating is formulated to extend the life cycle of equipment, parts or machinery in the field while meeting cost, performance and application requirements.




92 Series

• Excellent Corrosion Resistance
• Excellent Flexibility
• VOC Compliant/Low HAPS/SARA 313


80 Series

• Excellent Resistance to UV Exposure
• Excellent Durability
• Good Abrasion & Chipping Resistance • Excellent Color Retention
• Excellent Chalk Resistance
• VOC Compliant/Low HAPS/SARA 31

98 Series

• High Solids Protective Finish
• Excellent Chemical Resistance
• Excellent Abrasion Resistance
• Excellent Durability & Flexibility
• VOC Compliant/Low HAPS/SARA 313

90 & 91 Series

• Excellent Gloss & Color Retention • Excellent Sag Resistance
• Excellent Adhesion
• Excellent Corrosion Resistance

• Excellent Hardness
• VOC Compliant/Low HAPS/SARA 313