Waste Handling

When it comes to waste handling equipment, as the leader in the industry we know that extending the life cycle of assets in the field is critical in an extremely competitive market. Cost constraints will continue to drive the demand for longer life cycles on equipment before servicing is required. Environmental regulations create challenges for manufacturers by limiting manufacturing capacity due to exceeding permitted volatile organic compound emissions.

The Prescription:

Life-Kote 1K and 2K Systems are a combination of value solutions to challenges of tighter environmental regulations on VOC and HAPS Emissions. Formulated for facilities with limitations to their paint finishing line staging areas. Life-Kote was formulated with proprietary “early moisture resistance” characteristics.  Our coatings have a reputation among haulers as the most durable finish available for their assets. The system includes 2K Anti-Graffiti Coatings, High-Solids Alkyds, Water Reducible Coatings as well as Linings for “extending the life of your equipment.”  

  • Life-Kote AA Series

  • Life-Kote AU Series

  • Life-Kote MA Series

  • Life-Kote WR Series

  • Life-Kote ULV Series – Ultra Low VOC @ under 100 grams per liter