Structural Steel

Protection of fabricated steel components against corrosion and UV degradation, while stored on location or at the construction job site for months in the less than desirable climatic and storage conditions, can be challenging. Even greater are the tightening environmental regulations create challenges for fabricators by limiting manufacturing capacity due to exceeding permitted volatile organic compound emissions. Many fabricators are forced to outsource their finishing or wait until steel is erected prior to painting.

The Prescription: 

H-I-S Paint is the leader in providing durable, Ultra-Low VOC Coatings for pre-engineered steel buildings and structural steel fabrication.  As the result of our green-initiatives innovation program, we are now able to deliver a unique solvent-based alkyd primer with a VOC of less than 10 grams per liter (.7 lbs per gallon). It's the first of its kind on the market. You can be confident that your steel components won't require touch up from fading or flash rust after they have been erected at the construction site.

With VOC levels of less than 10 grams per liter, you now have other choices than water-borne primers that are no match for solvent-based primers on corrosion performance and surface tolerance over marginally prepared metal substrates.

Our full line of solvent-borne and water-borne primers include the following characteristics:  

  • HAP’s Fee

  • Ultra Low VOC

  • Cam 17 Free

  • Excellent early Moisture, Corrosion and Flash Rust Resistance

  • User-Friendly Spray Application Properties (low viscosity)

  • Excellent Exterior UV Resistance