Best Practices

Familiarity with coatings formulated for your finishing line is important in understanding optimal application parameters. Regular training with industry “Best Practices” on optimizing application is required to ensure that appearance goals are achieved and cost savings are realized. Employee turnover, poor technique and lack of preventative maintenance can impact the controllable variables that affect the quality of your finishing operation. Although all application variables that affect your finish cannot be controlled, they can be significantly reduced to ensure repeatability in both finished appearance and substrate protection.

Our “Best Practices Technical Training” delivers a comprehensive training and certification program familiarizes your employees with their coatings and equipment while educating them on controlling variables that will reduce surface defects in the coatings finish.

The implementation of just a few principals from our training will have you well on your way to improved coating finishes on every product that moves through your finishing operation. Our proven cost-reduction techniques are designed to yield the lowest total applied cost per mil square foot.

We provide the following Consulting Services along with our Best Practices Technical Training Program:

    • Complex Finish Line Troubleshooting

    • Benchmark Evaluation and Audit of Finishing Line

    • Cost Analysis on Waste Stream, Film Thickness & Spray Efficiency

    • Emissions Compliance Formulating

    • Coatings Systems Performance Upgrades

    • Coating Failure Analysis

    • Specification Writing w/ NACE Level 3 Coatings Inspectors