3Chem Corporation has more than 60 years of experience in laboratory-controlled formulations, testing, and the manufacturing and processing of advanced materials protection coatings. We work hand in hand with airlines and OEMs worldwide in developing products to meet their unique specifications. With current research and development projects under way in areas such as composite surface protection coatings, zero VOC coatings, and extended life coating systems, 3Chem is leading the way in cutting-edge coating technologies. You can find the complete assortment of 3Chem products HERE.

In 2008, 3Chem Corporation partnered with H-I-S Coatings, Inc. and moved its main manufacturing operation to a state-of-the-art 90,000 sq. ft. facility in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In addition, 3Chem’s custom color matching laboratory and distribution facility located in Florida offers expedited delivery of all our products.

Leading airlines and MROs worldwide use our Glair high solid polyurethane coating line. It results in an astonishing finish with long lasting durability and resistance in harsh weather conditions.







Ease of Application

Simple mix ratio and fast dry time results in less chance for end user error

Single stage, easy to mix system

Ensures less product waste

Color consistency for large fleet application

Insures uniformity of brand and livery

Fast dry formulation, ideal for MRO operations

Means less time in paint hanger

High gloss and long-term color retention

Longer time between aircraft repaints

High Flexibility

Offers better protection of aircraft substrate by resisting cracking

Excellent chemical resistance

Will not peel when in contact with Skydrol® or other hydraulic fluid

Passes 3000 hours Xenon arch weathering test

Less time spent on corrosion control

Fast delivery

3Chem offers 3-4 day lead time on practically any color Fast delivery




Other Aerospace Option

Military & Defense