Client Reviews

Mr. D Woodz: (Local Guide) Quick and accurate order. Wasn't ready had to wait but worthy wait. Have a lot of items to shop for if you need to get the job done correctly and also professionally. Also knowledgeable advice from front counter or even better the guy that walks around with coffee cup making sure the front sales is going smoothly.

a month ago
Paul Palmer Construction

A good place to purchase paint and supplies.

1 month ago
Elmer Hickman
These people are way more helpful anyone has ever been at those two big chain stores. And the paint is a much higher quality.

2 months ago
Jason Sheeler
Great people, pros! Good value and excellent products. They stand behind the work and product.

2 months ago
Dennis Stimson

Great to have a local founded and owned business with superior products and great customer service. Terrific prices too

3 months ago
Gaylord Hinshaw II
Great employees. Great products. Very knowledgeable on all products for the DIY or professionals

 3 months ago
Rocky McCarroll
Great paint and service! Their team matched a swatch perfectly for our daughter's room, and it was far more affordable than the stuff you can get at Lowe's.

4 months ago
Cary Hawkins
Very helpful staff and generous with time. After a couple of trips trying to match wall paint for touch up, Mike found the color records for my house and spent 90 minutes getting it right. Mike and the staff here are amazing...wish more establishments were like this. Thank you, Mike and H.I.S Paint, Edmond.

7 months ago
CP French
Been doing business here for years. Staff is always friendly and knowledgeable!

9 months ago
SpecOps Ferret

Palmer Construction:  After years my account was still active.  Got to me quick had me in and out in 15 minutes with a color match I brought in.  Guys smashed it!  Had a coffee while waited.

a year ago
Paul Palmer Construction

You will never find a better place for your painting needs. They will beat any big box prices, and it's made in OKC so you never have to go far to buy "factory direct”.

a year ago
Brian Leck

I know that HIS paint has been around forever, but it normally hasn't been my "go to" paint source.  However, I had been trying to find the "perfect gray" for some time and ended up selecting a color that my daughter's contractor used on her house.  It was from HIS.  I called to see how much per gallon the paint was and was BEYOND blown away, and ecstatic, that it wasn't $50 bucks a gallon!

I went to the Southside store and I didn't catch the young mans name that assisted me (receipt says Clerk: MC), but he was exceptionally helpful, friendly and had my 3 gallons of paint mixed in no time!

I'm saying goodbye to large supply chains for my paint from here on out!

HIGHLY recommend HIS and this location is awesome! :)

a year ago
Karla R

It gives you it's 100% each time I or my family gets ready to do a project his paint is the best paint ever to use on a job or a project that you can really count on.

a year ago
Mindy Gonzalez

Love their paint it lives up to its name unlike Lowe's, home depot, etc. Always buy from HIS paint the paint is just better.

a year ago
Lorita Martin

This store and employees are the best and we love the paint. And they were very helpful!

a year ago
Ronda Evans

Always good service & great paint and supplies.

a year ago
DJ Johnson

This is business that put God first instead of success. Which is a recipe for success.

 a year ago
Freddy Russell

Always helpful, and always get me out quickly, Mike is the best!!

a year ago
Mark Croney
These guys have the incredible product knowledge and excellent service! Prices are just as good as the giant stores and the paint is awesome and made in OKC. Don't waste all your time at the counter of the giant stores with staff that can't answer questions.

 a year ago
Bryan Shaw
I’m a difficult customer when it comes to deciding colors of paint, stains for my kitchen cabinets (building a home), & they graciously showed me SEVERAL different stain colors on my wood samples. They were incredibly helpful, patient & I can see why my builder only uses them for their paint & stain. If we do choose to repaint years down the road you can bet they’ll get my business!!!

 a year ago
Sarah Judson

I was blown away by the service. The store is very clean and organized. The guy who helped me was extremely professional and was even helping me find colors that compliment what I was getting. They even dollied my paint to the car so I didn't have to carry it. Also available are 5gal buckets of recycled paint in a handful of pre-tinted colors for $35. GO HERE BEFORE YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT GOING TO A HOME IMPROVEMENT STORE FOR PAINT. You are going to save a ton of money by buying a better quality product factory direct and supporting an OKLAHOMA RAN company.

2 years ago
Andrew Stober

I've worked with HIS for years.  They always are helpful and give us great service.  Two thumbs up!

2 years ago
Scott Nachatilo